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In discussing Weight and issues around diet and weight loss; NLP brings into focus the importance of our own self talk. When I have clients come in to see me about weight issues and weight reduction I  talk to them about their childhoods; and yes I do this because the habits we learn when we are very young do stick even when we intend to change them!

When you were very young and you lost something you got into trouble and were either punished or an adult helped you find the lost item……..oh…….I hear you say……..ah that’s right when I ‘loose weight” I tend to find it again; Billy Connolley a very funny comedian did a skit about the fat under the stairs….he had trouble dieting and keeping to a healthy size and he used his experiences to alert us all to what we all do. When we loose something we immediately begin to look for it and yes when we have looked hard enough we find it again only now when its those stubbourn kilos we took months to get rid of it does not make us happy to find it again.

Billy talked about the black garbage bags oozing fat! not a nice visualization, so talking about self talk I remind clients to reduce their weight or shed it or melt it or burn it….anything but loose it. We always find what we look for and if we go back to old unhelpful ways of thinking about food and dealing with food we get the result we had before. So if you have had enough of weight on weight off situations, perhaps after Christmas and New Year you might like to get youself a copy of Fit and Healthy and listen to my approach to weight reduction.

Diet means what we eat; diets can be good or they can be unhealthy; all real food feeds us and is good for us in some way even sugars and especially fats, notice the use of the term ‘real food’ by that I mean fresh and seasonal, organic if you can affort it; sensible amounts when you are hungry because when we eat to satisfy a real hunger the food tastes wonderful even if its just a piece of bread or a BBQ chop and salad.

So enjoy yourselves over the holiday period, enjoy good company, good food a well earned rest and allow yourself to greet the New Year with enthusiasm and confidence, let’s hope 2012 is a very good year for everyone.

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