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When we enter hypnotic trance it is said that our critical faculty (our conscious mind) is by-passed and ideas or suggestions can enter into our subconscious mind to be acted upon. Your conscious thoughts and opinions; likes and dislikes are set aside; you are no longer under the influence of this screening process with all of its defence mechanisms; its triggers; filters and distortions, the suggestions put to you are not censored or interpreted, they are more readily available to be accepted as fact, as true , as reality.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis; no-one enters trance or stays in a trance state unless they are willing or want to. This is a matter of fact, you cannot be hypnotised against your will, you will not stay “entranced” unless it suits you to do so. I tell my clients that my job is to facilitate their trance, to help and direct it; to deepen it if that seems the best option for them. When you purchase a hypnotic download certain basic methods are used to allow you to drop down into the trance state unaided, to hypnotise yourself and utilize SELF HYPNOSIS for whatever benefit or change you wish to create.

All recordings begin with a relaxer; followed by a deepening technique, this allows you to enter a state of “heightened awareness” not sleep. You begin to concentrate your attention in a particular way that allows you to make connections with past memories/emotions and this allows you access to beliefs and values that you often do not realise you have. Beliefs about what you can and cannot do; beliefs about how good you are; how smart; how pretty; how deserving! beliefs that influence your behaviour without you even being aware of it.

The titles that I currently have for sale via my Product Page reflect some of the areas I work in with session clients – I give each client a FREE CD for them to use after their personalised session – . People find what they look for; so if your mother put on weight after forty just like her sister and their own mother you take on the belief that its hereditary and that you will put on weight also. See Fit and Healthy to assist with weight issues.  If your father smoked and you respected your father; odds are you will copy him and become a smoker also; all of us are open to influence without even realising, I provide four different scripts for QUIT SMOKING, these cover a range of triggers, such as the desire to health or the ability to live longer, the special concerns for young women who fear putting on weight when they stop smoking and also for the people who like to have the facts at their finger tips to allow them to make a logical choice. Have a look at the titles on offer I have made them very affordable because I want these very effective tools to be readily available to everyone.

In a future article I will explain some of the mechanisms that can be used to by-pass any number of problem behaviours and responses. Remember if you have any questions or want to add to this discussion on Hypnosis and its uses join the Blog, or just email me at

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