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I spent the first part of this week up in Sydney at Zen Rehearsals in St Peters, if any of you need to produce good quality recordings I found them to be pleasingly professional; it took almost eleven hours to complete my latest titles which made for a very tiring day. It put me in mind of the absolute exhaustion you can feel after completing a gruelling exam.

One of the MP3 Downloads on offer on my site covers aspects of preparation and the stresses involved in sitting for examinations – academic not medical – in this recording I explain to you that your preparation has been good enough and that you can let those nerves fade into the background as you concentrate on getting that knowledge down on paper, or delivered to a panel.

I take you step by step through each aspect of readying yourself for your examination; from getting adequate sleep the night before right through to sitting  and turning over the paper and taking your time to read quietly and thoroughly so that you can produce your best work in the alotted time.

I do have another related MP3 that covers Study practises that show you how to prepare properly and put you in the right frame of mind to concentrate and take your studies seriously; I will talk about that recording at a later date. Here in Canberra the High School Students have finished their exams so have most of the Uni students, best of luck to all of you; however there are many different situations where you can be examined and listening to a hypnotic download that relaxes you and lets your confidence levels improve can make all the difference if you know that you become overly anxious at such times.

I will be adding a recording for Fear of Public Speaking some time during next year; I ran out of time on Monday; quite honestly I was sick of hearing my own voice after about nine plus hours of recording and was glad to sit and deal with the editing and have done with it for a session. Each recording I produce – with help – is written by me; I research each subject before starting to write each piece and also bring my own experiences and those of clients into the process.

If you have purchased any of these MP3′s and have found them either wanting in some area; or helpful I would love to hear from you as my intention is to produce the best aid that I can; I tell my clients practise and then practise again do not worry about not being good enough because as we practise we learn and improve so I would appreciate feed back to allow me to improve the offering on my site. Until my next blog keep well and happy.

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